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Whale Premium Thinner

  • Brand : WHALE
  • Category Group : Thinner
  • Size and Net Volume :
    • Tall Bucket 9 Kilograms and 10 Kilograms
    • Short Bucket 9 Kilograms and 10 Kilograms
    • Steel Gallon 2.1 Kilograms and 3 Kilograms
    • Big Bottle 0.450 Liter
    • Small Bottle 0.225 Liter
  • Features :
    • Premium Thinner is designed for mixing or dilute with Sanding Sealer wood finishing, Gloss Clear Lacquer, Matt Clear Lacquer, Oxide Primer and all kinds of Quick Dry Primer.
    • Well-dissolving and provides a smooth, blemish-free finish.
    • Creates a perfect, glossy and durable finish.
    • Suitable for using in any climate.
    • Does not contain Methyl Alcohol.
  • Usage :
    • Used for mixing paints and all types of lacquer, cleaning paint brushes and paint spray guns.
    • Multi-purpose solvent.
  • Application :
    • Mix the suitable proportion of thinner with paint or lacquer.
    • Better to use in well-ventilated area to avoid harmful odor.
    • Must wear mask and gloves during work.
  • Storage :
    • Keep out of children's reach.
    • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
    • Do not eat or inhale directly.
    • Highly flammable.