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Whale Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments

  • Brand : WHALE
  • Category Group : Other Products
  • Size and Net Volume :
    • Plastic Bag 1 Kilogram (20 Plastic Bags in 1 Box)
    • Big Bag 25 Kilograms
  • Color :
    • Iron Oxide Red No.120
    • Iron Oxide Red No.222
    • Iron Oxide Black No.318
    • Iron Oxide Yellow No.930 (Big Bag 20 Kilograms)
    • Iron Oxide Blue
    • Iron Oxide Deep Blue
    • Iron Oxide Green
    • Lithopone (Only Big Bag Size in 25 Kilograms)
  • Features :
    • Whale Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments is sunlight resistant and alkali resistant.
    • Even use a small quantities, the color of Iron Oxide also present a beautiful color.
  • Usage :
    • Mix the suitable proportion of Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments with White Portland Cement.
    • For making the Terrazzo and Finazzo, should be mixing the Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments as following proportion :
      • Uses 1.5-2 Kilograms of Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments per 1 White Portland Cement bag.
      • Use Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments 1 Kilogram for making Terrazzo Floor in 4-5 square meter concrete.
      • Uses Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments 1 proportion with sand and White Portland Cement 16 proportions.
  • Application :
    • Ideal for mixing with calcareous component to create a perfect shining color in Concrete floors, Flagstone, Cobblestone, and Stone slabs.
    • Offers a wide range of colors, suitable for tropical climates and giving excellent durability.
  • Storage :
    • Keep in well-ventilated area.
    • Keep away from water and high humidity.